Gympie Bearing Supplies has been operating in Gympie by Gordon and Marlene Owen for over 30 years, it was relocated to 5 Monkland Street, Gympie QLD 4570 approximatly 15 years ago and has been servicing customers from there since.

Gordon was born in Gympie and after a varied youth he settled into sales for Ford, once he out grew this career he purchased Gympie Bearing Supplies.

Gordon and Marlene love to travel and have made the journey to Japan a number of times to assure themselves that they are informed of all the latest products, Gympie may be small but definitely not missing out in the latest bearing information.

Gordon is a car enthsiast and owns one of the best early 70s Sandman panel vans in Queensland, he and Marlene enjoy showing the van and they have many awards to back it up.

Marlene was born in Gympie, she is an extremely caring and civil minded individual and has spent countless hours supporting cancer cemo patients.

Gordon's Son Wayne is also on board at the bearing supply centre and has clocked up 15 years of knowlege in the trade. Wayne was a hockey player and has played as a Queensland representative. His farthers enthusiasum for cars has passed on to Wayne, as he also has a passion for almost anything with wheels and good looks.

Andrew Pratt joined Gympie Bearing Supplies as a trainee, he has enjoyed the challenge of the industry. Andrew spends his spare time riding motorbikes, shooting and cattle farming..